Magazine for Family April 2019

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Every quarter we produce and publish a magazine for family, written by local women and is distributed to the community. The last product was titled the “Via Dolorosa”

The Magazine Hamasaat

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Hamasaat 3 - Mothers Day

The Bible House is grateful to God’s faithfulness for allowing us to publish the third title of the magazine “Hamasaat”, whispers from the Creator to the family. “Hamasaat” is a totally local-written magazine which is … Read More

The King of Peace and His Young Followers

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ملك السلام

We are excited to announce the launching of our new book “The King of Peace and His Young Followers”. It’s an animated book presenting motivating stories that are inspired by both scriptures and contemporary life … Read More

Premarital Preparation Conference

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On the Mount of the Beatitudes, more than 45 Christians from various denominations gathered for a premarital preparation conference that was conducted by the Bible House on Feb. 17-18, 2012. The aim of the conference … Read More

The Pauline Arabic New Testament

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AIBS was granted the permission to print and distribute 3,000 copies of The Pauline Arabic New Testament. It’s an excellent, relatively modern translation of the Bible, and widely accepted by all Christian denominations especially the … Read More

I Am She

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100_2467 - cropped

The Bible House have published the book “I Am She” in Arabic. It’s a special book that looks like a woman’s purse, which makes it very attractive for evangelism. The book contains portions of scripture … Read More