Mother Teresa Movie

Bassam YossefNews


We have showed the Movie of “Mother Teresa” in the Bible House. This movie presents a powerful and inspiring story of faith and hope that can transform our lives. It is also present how a faith and dream of one woman who has dedicated her all life to minister between the poorest of poor in Calcutta become reality. The response was amazing; several people from different church families were touched by the dedication of Mother Teresa and as a result were encourage dedicating their lives to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Interestingly, this movie was supposed to be presented one time only for women but God has opened the door to be seen for 4 times so far, not only for women but also for men and youth.
This movie has helped and encouraged women to enrich their spiritual life and service by thinking how Mother Teresa has interacted, responded and lived out her calling. After the movie there were reflection were women have spoken about how they were touched by Mother’s Teresa life of prayers, love and faithfulness. They have learned that it is better to do small things with great love.